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Salon Hours

Appointments Only


APPOINTMENTS ONLY! Not accepting new clients


Monday 11-7 Tuesday 9-2 Wednesday 11-7 Thursday 11-7 Friday 11-7 Saturday CLOSED Sunday CLOSED



1734 Wood Ave.

Easton, Pa 18042


Phone: 610-438-9194

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"no call/ no shows" will be charged $20 on their next visit

November 19th and 20th, 2018- hours will be 9-7 both days and i will be honoring my normal black friday special of "buy one get one" gift certificate sale. these two days only! 

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Hair Salon FAQ


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What styling and shampoo line do you use?- I use Matrix Total Results and Wella  It coincides with my color line,and will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. I also use the Reconstruct Shampoo for hair types other than color treated, ensuring the healthy condition of all my clients. For the men, I use Tea Tree shampoo, leaving hair clean and refreshed, without the perfume smell. I also use Paul Mitchell styling products.

How long should I go in between colors? - most clients come every 6-8 weeks, or some even sooner, depending on how fast your hair grows. on average, it grows a half inch every month.


How long should I go between haircuts?- To keep your hair healthy and manageable, I recommend getting a cut every 5-6 weeks.


When should I refresh my highlights?- I tell my clients to have them done every other cut. When that time comes, do the roots only; This helps assure that the hair wont become over processed and dried out.


How can I protect my hair from chlorine?- Spray some "leave in" conditioner in the hair before going swimming. This will help form a barrier over the hair, and the chlorine wont penetrate as much. Be sure to rinse the hair well after a swim to remove any chlorine.


My color fades a lot. What can I do to help prevent that?- Try using a shampoo that is meant for color treated hair. Professional salon hair care products will give your best results. Often store bought products contain high alcohol, and that dries the hair as well as fades the color. If your hair is prone to sun exposure, heat or curling/flat irons, and smoke,  use a heat protectant that will help form a barrier on the hair so the heat does not dry out the hair, thus fading it. Also, dont use extremely hot water while washing your hair. Hot water fades the color alot quicker.


How can I keep my perm looking fresh?- Please make sure after you get your perm, you have the ends trimmed. Many people think "that cuts the perm out", but if your trim is an inch or less it will not effect your perm. Sometimes the hair gets "fish hooks", this is a kink in the ends of the hair due to the hair not being smoothly wrapped over the rod. If left alone, this will cause breakage and split ends. Have them trimmed immediately after to ensure the perm stays fresh longer.


I just got a color and now I want a perm. can I do it in the same day?- some stylists will say yes. I recommend no! My recommendation is to have the perm done first. Perm solutions tend to fade out the color, wait 2 weeks in between. Your hair just went through a stressful process in opening the hair follicle, and changing the hair molecules around making your straight hair now curly. When you color the hair, that re-opens the hair follicle allowing the perm to loosen. This is why we tell you to wait 48-72 hours after a perm to shampoo; You want to make sure the bonds have time to reform themselves. The consequence of not waiting causes the risk of having 1) the perm relax quicker, or 2)the color significantly fading!